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Work Adjustment

The work environment and work requirements after deployment are usually significantly different than those you experienced while you were deployed. The skills that made you successful during deployment may not work as well or may actually be counterproductive once you return home. The teamwork you were used to may not exist, your coworkers may not be as committed. This program provides a number of tools to help with this adjustment. Take an assessment and get feedback on your post-deployment support or jump into the workshops on how to succeed at work. Check out the videos of others who are dealing with work adjustment problems and explore the e-library for in-depth information. 


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Might sound funny to say it, but in some ways deployment is easy. During deployment, rules are clear and goals well defined. Missions are exact, and orders obeyed. Your role, rank, and responsibilities are ''second nature'' and all you've got to think about is getting the job done, protecting others, and staying alive. But back home, everything's less clearly defined. Rules and ranks may be loose and confusing. Non-military, civilian workplaces may be less structured, and stakes are generally lower. Your responsibilities and goals may seem less critical, and everything might seem uncertain or pointless. Adjusting to this ''new'' world may be quite a challenge.

The Work Adjustment Assessment, and each of the related assessments below, takes about five minutes to complete; recommendations follow based on your results.


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In this workshop you can learn about work adjustment and compare your personal experience with those of others by watching them share their stories. Choose an interactive exercise based on what you've learned to help make changes in your life.

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