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Physical Injury

Injuries challenge almost everything we thought we knew about ourselves. There are almost as many reactions to injuries as there are injured service members. What makes the difference between someone who survives, grows, and ultimately thrives in the presence of a serious injury and someone who doesn't? Our material on Physical Injury is designed to help you begin to answer that question. If you are caring for someone with a physical injury you can take an assessment to get feedback on how you are doing or jump into the workshops to learn about managing feelings about physical injuries and adapting. Check out the videos of others who are dealing with physical injuries, and explore the e-library for in-depth information.


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Adjusting to physical injuries is a mental process, and is influenced by your personality and life experiences, your pre-existing health, support from family and friends, and the meaning you assign to the event that caused your injury. Just as sports competitions are won or lost based on attitude, determination, and practice, so is winning the challenge posed by an injury. It involves pulling together strengths and incorporating new strategies.

The Physical Injury Assessment, and each of the related assessments below, takes about five minutes to complete; recommendations follow based on your results.

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In this workshop you can learn about physical injury and compare your personal experience with those of others by watching them share their stories. Choose an interactive exercise based on what you've learned to help make changes in your life.

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